We’re only three months into the life of the Pixel and Pixel XL, Phones by Google, and already we’ve gotten our first leak/ rumour regarding its expected successor, dubbed the Pixel 2 for now. It shouldn’t be a surprise that Google is working on a successor to the Pixel, in fact, several Google Execs have even commented on seeing prototypes, so what does the rumour mill have for us?

Waterproofing, for one. One of the biggest criticisms of the Pixel phones was the lack of waterproofing, I personally wasn’t so upset by that until I dropped my phone into very shallow water. The Pixel survived but it did kind of make me want Note 7 style waterproofing, apparently waterproofing is “Still on the table” but not a definite feature at this stage.

Apparently, Google is also looking at improving the cameras, really that’s like stating they-they are intended on including a battery, of course, they intend to improve the cameras, apparently they intend to focus their efforts to improve low-light performance. It’s unclear if this means new sensors or maybe just new software as the rumours point to Google maintaining the same pixel size and density as the original.

With the current Pixels being at or near the top of the mobile camera space, Google can’t afford to drop behind. It will be interesting to see if the intend on adding in a second sensor like the iPhone 7 or LG G5?

On the chipset side of things, there is a very interesting rumour, naturally, we’d expect the Pixel 2 to run the Snapdragon 835, or a successor to it if Qualcomm has a mid-year refresh again. However, apparently, Intel is also being considered as a potential provider. There’s another rumour that Google may have designed their own chipset for the device, this builds on rumours from 2016 that Google would start using custom SOC’s. Perhaps Intel is providing the fabrication for these chips now they are an ARM licensee?

With Intel not having a lot of “skin in the game”, it would be a massive coup if they could secure the contract as the chipset provider for the Pixel. However, if I had to bet, I’d put money on a Snapdragon processor being in the final build.

Now for the bad news, the source has suggested that Google will somehow be charging even more for the Pixel 2! For a device that currently tops out at $1419, I would consider any increase in price to be a complete outrage. The existing Pixel is already overpriced, however, I do admit that the ongoing security and feature updates do have some value.

I hope Google don’t intend on gouging consumers any more than they have with the original Pixels. If they do there may be some good news as well. Google is apparently testing a second tier Pixel device with lower specs and a commerce rate drop in cost.

I would be very happy to see Google end up with two or three tiers of devices to provide great hardware and updates to all levels of consumers.

Source: 9to5Google.
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OK, here’s what they need to do : 1) Bezel-less design. Everyone is going to be cutting the kruft such that they can stick a bigger screen into a phone that isn’t ludicrous. If you don’t do this, you are going to be so 2016 2) 4K mode for VR. You can’t launch a VR headset and not have the resolution to drive it properly. It has to have a 4K mode, even if it’s not all the time. 3) Tango. By default. On all devices. You’ve done the research, now SOGOTP. 4) SD card support. Yes I know, and… Read more »

Mitchell Smith

Would you like the device to be half as thin and twice as strong while they’re at it?


Actually no, I’d like it to have a decent sized battery… None of the above is really pushing it. 1) we know is coming. 2) is obvious. 3) is only a matter of processing power and is needed to give them an edge. 4), & 5) are fixing stupidities. 6) is building on past work and 7) is on the cards for Samsung anyway. Thing is,we’ve got used to paying stupid money for phones which are little better and often worse, than the phones of two years ago. Fingerprint readers should be consigned to the bin and the eternal “Oooo… Read more »

Major Sceptic

Being more expensive does not make it a better device ,
if I was Google I would concentrate on making sure issues like Bluetooth problems , camera flare , crackly speaker , etc are not reoccurring and focus on lowering the over inflated ridiculous price …… not increasing it ,


Sure, I don’t want a price increase, but I feel the S8 and iPhone 7S/8 will be more expensive as well, so I can see Google keeping in line with that.

Dean Rosolen

Sometimes I wonder if even Google knows what they’re doing when it comes to pricing their hardware.


I don’t care about the price as long as it’s not a damn Telstra exclusive again…


Yeah, I’m going to be a bit pissed if they increase the price again, it is starting to get ridiculous. I’ve already skipped the last 3 phones because of increasing prices and my Nexus 5 is doing okay for a 3+ year old phone with LineageOS (and previously NitrogenOS).


In some ways I don’t mind the high prices, at least it *completely* rules out me needing to think about them as opposed to being tempted by something closer to a reasonable price. I’ll be sticking with my OPO (also running well on LineageOS) for quite a bit longer.