The LG G6 is coming to Mobile World Congress, that’s no secret and LG has been doing their usual slow leak lead up to the launch. Today it’s a few details on the upcoming LG UX 6.0, the software skin that will adorn the G6.

LG’s UX 6.0 is designed to take advantage of their new ‘Full Vision’ display, a display that LG says ‘almost entirely fills the front of the smartphone’. LG has previously spoken about the display, which will be a 5.7″ QHD+ (2,880 x 1,440) resolution that comes in a slightly odd 18:9 aspect ratio.

LG has tweaked their UX to take advantage of this screen which they says offers:

  • Differentiated experience for viewing content such as video clips and web surfing
  • Improved camera UX that maximizes the extra real estate provided by the 18:9 format display
  • Smartly designed GUI (Graphical User Interface) that enables the opening of two perfectly square windows side by side, delivering a more productive, better multitasking experience

The improved camera UX will accommodate the square photo takers, offering a 1:1 aspect ratio window with a preview next to it, there’s also going to be a built-in GIF maker in the camera app as well. The side by side view will also be taken into account on the multi-tasking side of things as well, with apps like calendar and photo gallery enhanced for viewing side by side.

The UX can be seen in glimpses in this teaser video:

The emphasis on ‘squares’ isn’t lost, though a few screengrabs do show that the icons will remain as squircles without going towards Google’s new circular icons on the Pixel or back to their older square design:

The failure point on many phones these days is the software skin, most companies have been scaling back their skins and LG’s UX 5.0 on the G5 was still fairly heavy handed. How UX 6.0 goes for LG will be an interesting question, and one that will be answered in a very short period with LG announcing the phone in around 10 days time. Ausdroid will be there to check it out in person.

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Joe Mouchaileh

How much better is the 835 over the processor thats coming out with the LG?

Daniel Tyson

There are certainly improvements for video stabilisation and performance in the SD835 vs the SD821, but the SD821 is definitely no slouch.

Major Sceptic

Apparently improvement in power efficiency too , how much at this stage is anyone’s guess .


The short answer is “we don’t know”. Qualcomm are promising much in terms of performance, but what really matters to users is real world performance, and in that sense, it’s unlikely that the 835 will offer a quantum leap in performance (it’s only some months newer, not even a year). I don’t think the end-user will notice any difference.

If you couple in some intelligent optimisation, which LG should (and hopefully WILL) do, the LG G6 should perform equally well as a SD835 powered unit.