Join us for a brief video walk-through of the new LG G6 live from Barcelona. We take a look at the phone itself, the layout of the hardware, and a quick walk-through of the software and some of the key features.

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Hi Chris,

May be a silly question but how quick does the camera launch? Is it as quick at the S7?
I actually really like the look of the phone, looks sturdy and is a big improvement on the G5. I had a G3 and G4 and really enjoyed them except for the battery life.


Daniel Tyson

Not a silly question, but he’s on flights back from Spain right now so he’ll be right to answer in a day or so probably.

Joey Ross

Chris…. how does the 18:9 screen look/feel in-person?

I feel like the screens look too “elongated” on G6 and leaked S8 pics… just doesn’t look ideal? I’m all for reducing bezel sizes but wish they had just made shorter devices with the same 16:9 screens.


I think you’ll find it’s quite nice. It’s a bit long, but at the same time it enables some pretty cool features and gives you quite a bit of space on the screen to view content. I’m looking forward to a bit more time with this phone – and others – in the coming weeks to give you a better idea of what’s going on.

Major Sceptic

I generally like the look of the G6 , but I think I would have preferred a it to be normal or large phablet config , full width as well as length (personal preference).
apparently some features will be region specific ?
that to me is a bit of a fail ,
Already the device is behind the eight-ball running the 821 ,
Imo LG will be battling to get the sales it wants again this year , competition is much tuffer ..

Yianni soc

I agree. LG could have been a contender for me if it had wireless charging. Apparently we don’t want that here in Australia.
I have a tonne of Qi chargers from my Samsung’s over the years, don’t want to give those up!