OPPO smartphone models R9s, R9s Plus, R9 R9 Plus will get major Color OS Android updates this year. This is good news for Australian buyers of these OPPO Android phone models who wondered if their phones would be stuck with the Android version they were released with at launch.

Spokespeople for OPPO Australia have told us that OPPO:

“Are dedicated to providing an excellent user experience to customers. We spend time evaluating and optimising each new iteration of Android OS to ensure each of our devices works to its optimal level once upgraded to the latest operating system”.

Specifically regarding their flagship models OPPO Australia say that:

“We will update the OS of R9s and R9s Plus to a newer version in Q3 and Q4 respectively, following stringent testing to ensure the devices are fully optimised for the latest OS. Security is our top priority. We will continue to provide regular security patch integration to related products including R9s and R9s Plus”.

Furthermore shortly before publishing this story an OPPO Australia spokesperson stated on Whirlpool Forums that:

“Marshmallow update for OPPO R9 & R9 Plus will be released in April. A positive side-effect of the upgrade to Marshmallow is that it’ll increase the dual-sim dual-standby feature of the device to 4G/3G so people using Telstra SIM as their secondary SIM can have that feature once again”.

Ausdroid hopes that the “newer version” promised for the R9s and R9s Plus is a version of Color OS based on Android 7 Nougat.

It is disappointing that the R9 & R9 Plus will be updated from their launch version of Android 5.1 Lollipop to Android 6 Marshmallow rather than Android 7 Nougat. However we applaud the enabling of dual SIM 4G/3G for the OPPO R9 & R9 Plus, reflecting the phased 2G shutdown across Australia.

It is not surprising that OPPO are concentrating on updating their current flagship models R9s and R9s Plus first and it is welcome news that the R9s Plus phones will get an update only 6-9 months after Australian retail availability and OPPO has promised regular security updates.

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0 updates so far, Q3 has come and gone… so disappointed with OPPO. Amazing phones let down by zero support and zero updates.


April for Marshmallow? Marshmallow was released in October 2015. April would be slow even if it was Nougat Oppo was rolling out. 😛 Quarter 3 and 4 for other models? That must be Nougat or Android O, right? 😛