Good news everyone! Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ pre-orders are now live, so you can start throwing your hard-earned dollarydoos at Samsung. Well, if you don’t want to wait for Ausdroid’s review, that is.

While the phones go on sale on April 28, customers who pre-order could receive their device as early as April 21, which is a nice incentive if you want to be the first to get your filthy paws on Samsung’s latest and greatest.

If you want the phones outright, the 5.8-inch Galaxy S8 will set you back $1,199, while the larger Galaxy S8+ will cost a little more, and is priced at $1,349. You’ll be able to pre-order direct from Samsung, or through JB Hi-Fi and Harvey Norman.

If you want a S8 or S8+ on a contract, Telstra, Optus, Virgin, Vodafone, and Woolworths Mobile are all ranging the phones.

We’ve got every single Australian S8 and S8+ plan below, but here are a few that have caught our eye:

Surprisingly, Woolworths Mobile has one of the best “affordable” Galaxy S8 plans around. $65 per month or $69 per month will get you the S8 or S8+, respectively, unlimited talk and text, and 4GB of data. This deal’s only available until April 4, so you’ll need to get in early if you’re after this one.

When it comes to big data, Virgin will hook you up with 20GB a month and a new handset for either $105 or $110 depending on whether you want the S8 or the S8+. And if you’re a Velocity Frequent Flyer member, you can save an extra 10% on your bill.

Virgin’s also the clear bang-for-buck winner when it comes to what we’d call midrange plans. $86 or $91 per month gets you 8GB of data, and unlimited talk and text. And once again, you can get 10% off if you’re a Velocity Frequent Flyer. Vodafone’s 8GB plans aren’t bad either – especially if you want $5 per day roaming – but Virgin’s are ever so slightly cheaper.

Anyway, here are the rest:

Telstra Galaxy S8 Plans

Telstra Galaxy S8+ Plans

Optus Galaxy S8 Plans

Optus Galaxy S8+ Plans

Virgin Galaxy S8 Plans

Virgin Galaxy S8+ Plans

Vodafone Galaxy S8 Plans

Vodafone Galaxy S8+ Plans

Woolworths Mobile Galaxy S8 Plans

Woolworths Mobile Galaxy S8+ Plans

Alex Choros is Associate Editor at WhistleOut, Australia’s phone and internet comparison websites. He’s a bit of a nerd, hey.

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Joshua Hill

I think I might go for the virgin 8gb s8 plan. If you sign up to their velocity frequent flyers plan you get 10% of your monthly plan bill. Assuming that’s only a discount on the plan and not handset repayment too that makes it $79 a month for 8gb of data and the phone. A bit dearer than woolies but double the data and if you go over they just charge you for the excess unlike woolies which apparently stops your data all together.


How is the Woolworths Medium Plan cheaper than their small plan when you add the phone ( $69 vs $76 a month ) ??

Edit – answer – because the medium plan has $15 off for the promo period.

Also – NOTE…. from the woolworths fine print… WTF???

**Downloads stop when data limit is reached**

hate to be stuck in the middle of nowhere needing maps and you hit your data cap!!

Alex Choros

Woolworths still has the $10 per gigabyte top up option if you run out of data, it just doesn’t automatically bill you more if you don’t want any extra.


That Woolworths medium plan is a ripper!


Thank you for making it easy to compare. Wifey opted for the S8+ with Wollies on the $69/m medium plan. I’ll wait for a newborn Note.


Optus also gives 10% off your monthly bill for students. I managed to save $150 on my pre-order

Joshua Hill

How does that work? Don’t you pay nothing up front and then get billed monthly or did you manage to pay for the phone outright and then just pay your monthly plans bill???


It’s 10% off the plan access fees for the duration of the contract…phone repayments remain the same, plan access fee goes down by 10%

Joshua Hill

So it’s not 150 off your first bill like the OP claimed. Thought that sounded weird/too good to be true. Thanks for the info 🙂


That’s correct…I get the offer as well so first-hand account