Excited for the LG V30 yet? Rumours of Snapdragon 835 processor and 6GB RAM have already flowed, and it will also be Daydream compliant as well. If you wanted an early look at the phone, Evan Blass has you showing off some concepts of the phone on Twitter.

According to Evan, the LG V30 is known as Project Joan, and these early renders show a phone that has a slide-out display similar to what we saw on the Blackberry Priv with their slide-out keyboard. It’s definitely time to note, as Evan points out that these are early concepts and the final product may not contain this ‘feature’.

LG is pretty keen on utilising a secondary display. They’ve used it in the LG V10, V20 and lower end phones like the LG X Screen (later re-badged as the Telstra Signature Enhanced), and there’s not signs of stopping. Use case has always been a problem for the secondary display and that’s addressed in this tweet from Evan showing ways the second display could be used:
Of these, I certainly like the keyboard option – but the utility of having the second display able to be a fluid, changing display is an intriguing option.

LG is certainly no stranger to trying non-traditional phone concepts. While the modular LG Friends concept wasn’t successful, I’d love to see them continue to try these new ideas – something has to stick right?

LG’s V series phones have been launched later in the year for the last two years, so there’s still some time before it’s official. Guess we’ll be seeing more of the LG V30 before it gets officially announced.

Source: @EvLeaks.