LG’s V30 handset is still months away from launching but it’s getting a lot of leaks in the lead up. The latest out of China shows a surprisingly bezel-less design with a glossy, mirror finish rear.

The phone body looks similar in design to the G6 with a dual rear camera setup with a rear mounted fingerprint scanner below. The handset rear has a very glossy rear which could be a glass, or even highly polished aluminium rear – either way it screams fingerprint magnet to us.

Of more interest is the front of the phone which shows LG’s ‘Full Vision’ bezel-less design. The screen also appears to incorporate a split secondary display at the top which includes a row of icons, and a front-facing camera mounted in the middle.

Looking at the base of the phone it appears that unlike many manufacturers LG is retaining the headphone jack. It’s also continuing USB-C ports, and there will be a bottom mounted speaker.

However it turns out, the LG V30 is shaping up to be a great handset. Hardware specs are rumoured to include a Snapdragon 835 SoC, 6GB of RAM and a dual 13MP (Standard) and 13MP (Wide-Angle) camera setup on the rear. We’ve got some time left before LG takes the wraps off the V30 so we’ll have to wait and see what comes out.

Source: Weibo.
Via: RayArena.
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Tom Sekulic

That looks like a Samsung S8 knockoff. Unless it comes with AMOLED screen and water proof design it doesn’t stand a chance. LG’s customer service also lacks when compared to Samsung. They also need to VASTLY improve their Quality Control and design. Remember bootlooping on previous LG phones? Samsung makes *great* reliable hardware. My 3.5yr old Note 3 is still going strong! Even by today’s standards, it’s a great phone: same flash storage as Huawei P10 (yes, the crappy eMMC), same type of RAM as Huawei P10 (DDR3)…remember, this was 3.5 yrs ago! (other specs are lesser, but that’s technology).… Read more »

James Brown

Looks a lot like the LG G6 which was announced before the Sammy S8, so no, not a S8 knockoff.
So many people hold this bootloop thing. I’ve had several phones from LG, HTC and Samsung, never had the bootloop issue with any. I actually prefer the plastic phones, makes for removable batteries, and generally improves signal for Bluetooth and GPS. I slap a case on them anyway, so dont care for this premium thing that all phones seem to be obsessed with.


Samsung’s phones…. explode

Matthew Becker

Looks nothing like the S8.

Chris A

LOL are you serious. I had an S2 which was great. Then 2 faulty S4 before I smashed the last one out of anger and said never again samsung. Now I stick with LG. My mother has a samsung S3 it is horribly slow. Makes me want to smash it, it takes so long to load. You’re friend must be living in 2000.