Transport for NSW has announced that the Opal Travel app has received an update which brings three major new features including the ability for the app to send you a notification alert when your stop is coming up.

As well as stop notifications, the latest update also includes personalised disruption notifications and improved service information.

The updated app has begun to roll out to users, uses the GPS in a device to advise a passenger when their stop is approaching. Minister for Transport and Infrastructure NSW, Andrew Constance, has said

GPS is used on your mobile device to simply notify customers when they are a few stops away so they can get ready to jump off their service. This is just a simple way of making the most of the journey, letting you do other things without worrying about missing your stop.

Along with push notification alerts, the Opal Travel app now has offers real time journey disruption messages tailored only to the users trip selected from within the Opal Travel app.

The service alerts users will receive cover a range of occurrences that can impact a users journey. Alerts include delays due to critical incidents, planned track work, as well as providing lift availability for those users who have a disability and need to know if the lift at their local stations is in operation or not. Users have complete control over which notifications they wish to receive.

Of course the Opal Travel app offers Android opal card users the ability to scan their or their friends or family members cards to see what their Opal card balance (of course this is limited to Android devices with an NFC compatibility. There is also the ability to sign into your Opal card account and keep an active eye on your balance but also the ability to top up your Opal card right from within the app itself.

The app update comes as Transport for NSW announced that from 3rd July 2017, minimum top up balances will change for topping up your Opal card (depending on which one you have of course) either from the Opal travel app, Opal website or Opal top up machines. You can see a table of what the new minimum top ups will be below:

Lastly, Transport for NSW has said that from 2018, transport users will be able to choose a variable top up amount via digital channels so the top up amount can be exactly what they want it to be.

The app update is available through Google Play now, hit the link below to grab it.

Opal Travel
Opal Travel
Developer: Transport for NSW
Price: Free
Source: Transport for NSW - Opal Travel Update.
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Vshare apk

The updated version is far better than previous one. Moreover, this app is also available for free on Vshare app.

Adam J

Disruption alerts will be going overtime on the Southern Highlands Line.

Gregory Eden

It needs tap,n,go from the phone so the card can be left at home. Ditto Myki