Telstra has today opened pre-orders for the Galaxy Note 8 on their network and as expected they’re offering the phone in Black and Gold on a range of plans. The bonus for the Telstra offer is the inclusion of a Galaxy Tab A as well as the wireless charger for pre-ordering before the 22nd of September.

The plans on offer start at $109 per month and include unlimited Talk & Text and 2GB of data, but scale up depending on requirements. Telstra’s new Foxtel Now Pack inclusions start on the $129 per month plan, which includes 20GB of data (12GB + 8GB Bonus Data). If you want to include 100GB of data per month, you can also choose the top end plan for $199 which also includes three Foxtel Now starter packs.

The offer for the wireless charger is the same as we’ve seen Samsung offer at all other retailers, carriers and online stores, but the inclusion of an 8″ Galaxy Tab A is a very smart move. The offer is live until the 22nd of September, so make sure you get in fast. Head over to the Telstra website to check it out now.

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I’m a recent Telstra convert after continual; highly-annoying problems at Vodafone however that starting price is ridiculous for 2gb data.


OMG! Shows you how much money they are making. Here’s an idea, how about keeping the Tab/Charger and just reduce the price of the phone which I guess is what the people want in the first place…. *#$#&^%#%#%#!!!!

Igaal Naouri

I’m waiting to see what the iPhone 8 will be like, never had iPhones before but who knows

Russell Fletcher

Is the Tab A that they are offering an LTE one?
Probably isn’t, but would be a great opportunity for them for you to pick up an additional sim and use the shared data.
Seems like alot of cash for 2GB of data…i know it includes a good fist full for phone repayments, so at that level it doesn’t seem like such a jump to the next levels… or higher.