Following Huawei’s launch of the P20 and P20 Pro late last month, we’ve been keenly awaiting news of the smartphones’ arrival in Australia. Though we’ve not heard from Huawei on carrier plans just yet, we’ve heard directly from amaysim – and it’s (James May voice) good news!

Rather than waiting for Huawei and the major carriers, if you’re keen on the Huawei P20 range (and you probably should be; we definitely are) then you can buy them today through amaysim’s tech store.

Huawei’s P20 is available for $975 outright, which is anticipated to be below the phone’s recommended retail price when it officially arrives. 12-month and 24-month financing is also available, making the P20 rather affordable. The larger – and we’d argue more impressive – P20 Pro is available for $1,195. If you buy by the end of April, both handsets come with with three free months mobile service, too.

It’s worth noting, though, that these versions of Huawei’s P20 range aren’t necessarily Australian stock – amaysim is acknowledging that these are, in fact, direct imports. However, the two year warranty will be honoured, giving customers a measure of confidence with this option.

If you’re keen on the Huawei P20 from Amaysim, click here, and for the Huawei P20 Pro, click here. At the time of writing, the P20 is showing as in stock, though the P20 Pro is not, so perhaps keep an eye on it over the next 24 hours and see what shows up.




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Munted Koala

EMUI still needs work – you still cannot reply to notifications from the lock screen it goes to an odd half way house (or straight log in) and some notifications are still occasionally delayed. Nothing deal breaking but worth noting.

Its also disappointing there is no Kirin 980. The 970 has Cortex A73 + A53, should have been updated to Cortex A75 + A55.

If you have an older Huawei sure, but for something newer I’d wait for a Note 9 or Mate 11.

Mike Stany

Bought 2 x S9 Dual Sim from Amaysim last week, but both phones having the call goes into mute and call drops issues, Amaysim referred me to a repair shop in North Sydney to check the phones, and since Monday, still chasing updates.


I’ve seen (frequent) and identical issues on a Telstra S7 I received as a swap-out warranty replacement. This phone had a screen protector hiding a crack across the middle I missed on cursory inspection as my wife was in hospital about to deliver a baby. Suggests its a software issue to mre.


Nice looking phones the P20 variants with the fancy changing color ,
for me though , I think I would go with the mate 10 ,
It’s the same chipset with a marginally less good camera , but with most of the goodies , headphone jack , SD card , 1440 screen ,
And probably a lot cheaper and with a proper warranty.


Have one and love it – I just can’t kill the battery at all, camera is exceptional, phone reception and quality is excellent even in rural VIC where I live, screen is great and as per below the Huawaei updates have been good thus far and the customer service and screen replacement process was awesome.

My Pixel 2 is going on gumtree this weekend.

jimmy cychowski

You’ll miss the security patch updates and software updates on your Huawaei, mate, in 3 months time when the pixel will be on android P, with up to date security patch, the Huawei will be left in the dust ,with the super high resoultion camera on the p20 pro it’s disappointing that I don’t see a SD card slot, the phone will fill up fast, if you take advantage of that awesome camera, another plus is Google’s unlimited storage of photos, with the pixel, with all that said I hope the p20 and p20 pro are successful, and if Huawaei,… Read more »


The simple fact is that no manufacturer can match the patch and software updates that Google push out for obvious reasons so I’ll just take better design, screen size, build quality, battery life and comparable camera, at a substantially cheaper price and just enjoy those features instead of lamenting the fact I’m on a March instead of April security patch.


Quite frankly I have had a P9 and been surprised how quickly Huawei push out updates compared to Samsung and HTC. Definitely not something they’re slacking off on.

jimmy cychowski

The p20 pro looks like a awesome smartphone, I would love to take the p20 pro home but one major issue remains, like all android smartphones, except for the Google pixel, it’s the security patch updates, and software updates that are non existent, or so far behind the current version available that it’s a joke, and that a huge shame…


The mate 10 is getting regular security patches so far, 4 since original purchase last year and its, sitting on March update and the software has also been receiving updates, sure not pixel frequency but still very good.

jimmy cychowski

That sounds decent, but for security reasons the patch level should be the latest, a month behind is still not good enough, and just lazy on the part of the phone manufacturer, over the years I’ve used pretty much all brands of android smartphons, some being a month or two behind with security patch updates, some 6 months behind….and the software, well you can forget about that, it never gets updated to the latest Android version, if the p20 pro was supported the same my as my pixel 2 xl, I would update in a heartbeat, premium smartphones need premium… Read more »


You say that but the fact is that the Pixel has had a famous zero day exploit specific to the device AND device-specific ‘malicious URL’ triggered remote code execution which used a chain of privilege escalation to run in the TrustZone. The first was a type confusion vulnerability in Google Chrome V8’s Crankshaft JavaScript engine and the second was a bug in the Android libgralloc code – while not specific to Pixel they had been patched elsewhere and didn’t exist if you hadn’t installed Chrome. Device specific bugs are generally more pertinent and Google has had it’s share of those… Read more »


Sadly my Mate 9 through Voda is still on 7.0 waiting on the update to 8.0 (with no word on 8.1) and currently on the January 2018 patches.

jimmy cychowski

Thats another problem too, if you buy a carrier android handset your at the mercy of them to release updates, patches etc, adding even more wait time.


@Tibb So that’s just Vodafone. Huawei base roms get updated fast with OTA updates.


My Mate 10 is 2-3 months ahead of the unlocked S8 my wife has. Would be interesting to hear Ausdroid’s thoughts around “security updates” as I have read elsewhere that being a month or two behind isn’t an issue, people shouldn’t get fixated with them?


Will the warranty be an Amaysim managed warranty or will it be honoured by Huawei Australia?

I recently had the screen replaced on my Mate 10 by Huawei Australia and the whole process was seemless – Phone was collected on Thursday in Melbourne and sent to the Sydney service centre and was back on my Desk in Melbourne by the following Tuesday for $175.00 all up for the screen replacement and couriers.

That alone is worth waiting for the Australian warranty version of the phone to land.


You’ll likely find it’s Amaysim and their warranty to cover it. It’s a grey import so not covered by Huawei Australia


Warranty valid, not sure what point you are trying to make with tge rest of the comment.

Actually tried a dozen repair places, none had the screen bar one, they quoted 250 for a non warranty repair. I paid 175 all in – thank you Huawei


Ok i understand now,

I could have got the same repair by a non qualified technician with no consumer protection AND voided the Warranty for the same price I paid to have it repaired by Huawei.

Makes perfect sense.