With Android Pie update being out now for a week or so, users of the original Pixel XL are reporting a fairly major issue; fast charging no longer works.

Since upgrading to Android Pie, users of the Pixel XL have noticed that the “Charging Rapidly” message – previously displayed when doing just that – is no longer displayed. Many users have taken to Google’s Issue Tracker website, where it is apparent the issue has existed since early betas. Surprisingly, it hasn’t been addressed before release, which seems a bit lazy for Google.

In one post, a user has noted that he has used four chargers on their Google Pixel XL (2016) under the public version of Android Pie, two official and one unofficial (1 was the packaged 6p charger and the other bought from Google store) none of these chargers are able to fast charge his Google Pixel XL. Instead of getting the usual “Charging rapidly” message, the user instead got either a “Charging” or Charging Slowly” message.

Having a quick look on my Pixel XL – using the official charger and an unofficial one – the only message I was able to get is the “charging” message which could mean that the fast charging abilities may have been removed.

It would seem that this issue is purely related to the Google Pixel XL (2016) device only and we will try and reach out to Google here for comment. In the mean time, if you own a Google Pixel XL (2016) device and have updated to Android Pie and found the same issue, let us know in the comments section below.

Source: Engadget.
Via: Android Police.
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My original Pixel is fine.


I’ve noticed my XL takes double amount of time to charge now thought it was just my phone but now I realise it must have been the update didn’t have any problems with it 2 weeks ago and did the update about a week ago. Takes 6 hours to charge now !!! Used to only like 3 or sometimes 4 if not using the genuine charger cable


Mine is fine. Original Pixel.

Allyn Hughes

Mine is all good.

Melissa Fritsche

Mine still charges rapidly after the update.


My Pixel XL is also still rapid charging on Pie. 🤔🤔🤔

Danner Claflin

My Pixel won’t even charge after the update. maybe normal pixel users aren’t responding because their phones are all not charging.

Ben Brooks

Pixel 2 xl I received in May has trouble charging. Tried it on two offical chargers and one unofficial with no luck. Takes 3-4 hours to charge my phone from aroumd 10-15 %


Funny, mine is working normally after the update, including fast charging (Pixel XL 2016)


Me working fine too. I was on beta. Now Pie. Lock screen says “Charging rapidly”. Battery in settings just says “Charging”.


My Pixel XL 2016 is fine as well. Since the Pie beta (now official), it always said “Charging rapidly” on two different QC 3.0 chargers (Blitzwolf & Kogan).


Or also happens on pixel (2016).