Will they or won’t they? Everyone’s waiting for Samsung to release the Android 9 Pie update for the Galaxy Note 9. The only official release, thus far, is in Germany (where it’s in a beta test). For everyone else, the wait continues.

Tonight, at least, Galaxy Note 9 users can get a taste of Android Pie, so to speak. Samsung has published the official User Manual online, and while that’s interesting in and of itself, it could be a sign of what’s coming.

In the past, when user manuals have been published for a major update (by Samsung and others), it’s usually a sign that a wider rollout of the update is just around the corner.


If you’d like to take a look through the manual, you can download it from Samsung directly. There’s nothing especially interesting in there that I’ve found, and appears to refer to the same updates as received on the Galaxy S9 range.



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My unbranded Note 9 bought from Samsung Australia direct updated to Android Pie and One UI this morning automatically…


My unbranded Note 9 bought from Samsung direct updated to Android Pie and One UI this morning automatically…

Clyde Jones

looks like UAE has it – Sammobile posted the official firmware files today.


Enjoy your taste of pie,us pixel users have been the Guinea pigs for months,by know all the bugs ironed out(never the case),hope it doesn’t wreck your Bluetooth

Zawaar Shah

Hey Daryl, I also received the December security patch update last night due to my note 9 being on telstra. It is actually why I’ve decided to unbrand my phone, that is, get rid of Telstra on my note 9. That way, it’d be as if I had bought the note 9 directly from the Samsung store and as a result, I’d get the android pie update as soon as it’s released in Australia. I suggest you do the same with yours as it doesn’t void your warranty or anything like that.


Mine was outright n got the December security update yesterday aswell. Eagerly waiting for pie update.


You can always take your phone to samsung store and they will load the unlocked firmware for free. But there was a scam where even unlocked handsets get the update same day as carrier once. Just Google. As i remember my s8 oreo was getting same day as locked telstra s8.
Also reddit states that using simcards of different carries may trigger updates


Would be great if we were getting Pie soon. FYI, I have a note 9 on Telstra and got the December security patch update last night. The updates run between 4-7 weeks after the patch level date, so I reckon between Samsung Australia getting it ready and Telstra taking their sweet time, it’ll be early to mid Feb before it arrives for those with the worst update combination (Samsung AND Telstra). I might be wrong as the security patch shouldn’t have anything to do with a full OS update, but I don’t think they’d bother with the security patch if… Read more ยป