Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy S10 launch on February 20th is one of the most hotly anticipated events on the mobile calendar. A new rumour for the S10+ today points to the company pushing the limits of design with a svelte design packing a larger battery.

The rumour has some credibility with the source well known internet leaker @IceUniverse on Twitter who posted this tweet over the weekend.

For context, the Samsung Galaxy S9+ measured in at 8.5mm thick with a 3,500mAh battery, while the Galaxy Note 9 measured in at 8.8mm thick but did include the 4,000mAh battery. The battery life on both phones was quite decent offering all day battery life for most users.

The move to a slimmer profile with a larger battery on their phones is in contrast to the trend for Samsung since their unfortunate Galaxy Note 7 launch which also pushed similar boundaries. After the Note 7, Samsung introduced an 8-point battery safety check for manufacturing so it’s unlikely we’ll see a repeat of those issues.

We’re looking forward to the Galaxy S10 launch – and whatever else they’d like to show off on the 20th of Februrary in San Francisco.

Source: @IceUniverse.
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I would be happy with an 9mm or 10mm phone and a 5000 mah battery. Hopefully Huawei will move the market in that way. Seem to be able to deliver something different and what the punters want


What has the thickness Vs power rating got to do with it? The batteries are rolled up to the thickness needed. Just increase it’s area for a thunner battery. The phone is larger by area, so a larger battery is a result of more available area in the phone. The article is praying Note 7 battery issues (I unfortunatly had to return mine but I gave a Note 8 now). Apple are not immune to battery issues either, but appear to be better an managing when things go wrong. There have been plenty of issues surrounding batteries across the portable… Read more »


Wow really pushing the boundries of battery performance. HUAWEY offered 4000mah batteries back in 2016. Cutting edge Samsung… Just cutting edge.


Some of these replies to a decent article are just ridiculous. It already states”Samsung introduced an 8-point battery safety check for manufacturing so it’s unlikely we’ll see a repeat of those issues.”.And thinner phones for a similar battery or better battery capacity is not copying Apple

Phill Edwards

Gosh, a whole day’s battery life! Thanks Samsung.


Quote: “Samsung to push the limits on battery”

Samsung tried pushing battery limits once before. On the Galaxy Note 7. And it wasn’t pretty.


I am not sure I see why phone makers think thinner phones are better? Sure you don’t want to be carrying around a brick but I know I would sooner a thinker phone with a huge battery that can last well over a day in heavy use. Thinner phones I fell are harder to hold and are more likely to be dropped.


Because Android manufacturers still try to beat Apple in things that consumers don’t care about. I’m pretty sure everyone would rather the same thickness as before with an even bigger battery.