With all the rumours that precede a smartphone launch, sometimes it seems like everyone’s speculating and no one has any firm details. Samsung generates an awful lot of rumour and speculation ahead of a launch, but it’s not too often that we see a real device.

If this image is taken at face value, then, we’ve seen our first real-world look at Samsung’s Galaxy S10+, thanks to someone (perhaps carelessly) using the unreleased device on what appears to be public transport in South Korea.

As with any pre-release photo, the mandatory chapstick has been applied to the lens before someone took a photo of this phone. To my mind, though, it’s clear that this is an early version of one of the Samsung’s Galaxy S10 range. It fits the rumour – with the cutout front-facing camera in the top right – and nothing much else on the front.

The image was shared to /r/Android on Reddit not long ago, and to my somewhat trained eye, I’m calling it a legit sighting. We’ve seen pre-release devices appear in public in the past – Google’s Pixel phones have done this in recent times, and Huawei’s Mate 20 Pro did too if I recall correctly.

Regardless, we won’t have to look at blurry photos for much longer. Samsung’s Galaxy S10 range is to be launched in about 5 weeks in San Francisco, and with a bit of luck, we may be there to cover it live. If not, we’ll catch it at MWC and share the details with you then.