The upcoming Galaxy Unpacked event in February is one of the most hotly anticipated launch events of the year, and as usual Evan Blass has the goods sharing high-resolution of the Galaxy S10E, S10, and S10+ handsets.

The phones are shown off in what appears to be clear either crystal shells or TPU cases affording us a pretty good look at all three models of phone.

The Galaxy S10E on the far left shows the handset will have a dual rear sensor camera array with a single hole punch in the display for the camera, while the Galaxy S10 in the middle has a triple rear camera and a single hole punch in the display. Finally, the Galaxy S10+ on the far right has the same triple rear camera as the S10 but includes a double-wide hole punch in the display for what’s presumed to be a dual front-facing camera setup.

The handsets appear to be rising in size from left to right as your eye moves across, but we’ll likely have to wait for the next leak to get a better idea of the physical dimensions. We’re seeing them in black, but as usual Samsung will likely offer the handsets in a few different colour options, though they’ll be limited depending on your region.

We’ll find out all the details of the Galaxy S10 series when Samsung unveils them on February 20th (February 21st here in Australia) in San Francisco.

Are you interested in the one of the new Galaxy S10 handsets?

Source: @EvLeaks.
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Strange looking power button on the S10E compared to the others. I wonder what it is.

Tom Sekulic

It’s been roumored that S10E will have fingerprint reader in the power button like Sony phones.


Thanks Tom! That explains it.