To be officially presented to the press at MWC in a few weeks time and Energizer are set to expand their smartphone lineup by a whopping 26 devices across four different product lines. The company building the Energizer phones has given us a look at the details of the Energizer phones to be announced at MWC.


Wouldn’t it be funny if Energizer had really poor battery life on their phones? On paper at least, their devices should be in the mix with the middle of the road devices as their batteries start at 3,000 mAh through to 4,000 mAh capacity which is on par for the market at the moment. What has piqued my interest is the USB-C charging which is noted to be “high speed” giving users the ability to top up charge as required if they’re on the go – something they have never included before.


Taking a leaf out of the current mainstream playbook they’ll be bringing multiple cameras to all of the new devices and seemingly a fairly strong focus (see what I did there?) on the selfie side of the devices capabilities. At the top of the line we see the Ultimate U620S Pop and the U630S Pop which both have a dual pop up selfie camera setup — the first of its kind. Lower end options include the Ultimate U620S sporting four cameras, starting with a 16MP + 2MP + 0.2MP triple sensors on the back as well as a 16 MP front camera. The Ultimate 570S and the Ultimate 650S both have a pair of 16 MP + 2 MP rear lenses offering Live Focus, Filters, Panorama and Beauty Face modes together with a 16 MP front camera.

The mundane stuff…

There’s some detail on the press release around general stats with the storage ranging from 32GB to 128GB, the RAM from 4GB to 6GB, Android 9.0 out of the box and (without exact details) a reference to 4K capability on video playback – all driven by a Mediatek processor and available in iridescent violet, aquamarine and turquoise.

What about the notch?

Yep, some of the devices have a notch on them, but some of them don’t – we have received some images showing the solution to this where they’ve put in a “pop up” camera. It solves the notch problem, but introduces some engineering challenges around space management and the introduction of moving parts – other companies have done it though so we know that it is not impossible.

The others are a centrally located teardrop size notch which I personally find more invasive than the Pixel Style Notch which copped quite a bit of hate when they were released (Editor’s note: this is an opinion not shared by all here at Ausdroid).

Regardless of preference in camera notch, no notch or bigger bezels – they’re here and we’ll be working to get a bit of hands on at MWC when we land. It is unknown at this stage where they will be releasing these phones but if they land here you can bet they will be a very competitive price.

Source: Avenir Telecom Press release.