It was September last year when we found out the devastating news that Inbox will shut down in March this year. Many who quite enjoyed this new way of handling email were quite disappointed.

Google did suggest that a number of functions would come to Gmail, but there wasn’t any detail given – which features? When?

We weren’t to know. However, now we have a little more information about what’s coming thanks to a Reddit user:

Unfortunately the leaked screenshots have some information blurred, said to protect the source from being identified.

Assuming what is visible is legitimate, the screenshot is said to be from an internal testing build at Google which displays features such as bundles which brings together like themed mail such as tech news shown below and reminders.

The shot is unclear if the reminders are created inside Gmail or whether its showing Assistant Reminders in the feed. This could make Gmail as Inbox once was, a one stop shop for your information feed in your Google account.

The ability to Mark All as Read is apparently heading over to Gmail if the icon (which resembles, but not identical to) the Inbox icon for the same function carries over in the final build.

WIth “plenty of work to be done” before any one of the purported builds make it to a public facing release, there will undoubtedly be more additions to the email snoozing, smart replies and “nudges” already brought to the Gmail app in the last 6 months.

What functions from Inbox do you desperately want ported to Gmail?

Source: Reddit.