For those well served by Optus coverage who want a piece of the Samsung Galaxy S10 action, there’s plenty of plans on offer to help you take home a new Galaxy S10, S10+ or S10e.

Optus offers phone leases in much the same way Telstra does, but leases aren’t for everyone. Some folks just want a good phone plan with decent inclusions so they can have the best new phone today, and pay it off over the next year or so.

Regardless of your preferences, here’s every Optus plan and lease option to get yourself a new Samsung Galaxy S10 phone.

Galaxy S10 Plans

Optus S10 128GB plans

Optus S10 128GB leases

Optus S10 512GB plans

Optus S10 512GB leases

Galaxy S10+ plans

Optus S10+ 128GB plans

Optus S10+ 128GB leases

Optus S10+ 512GB plans

Optus S10+ 512GB leases

Galaxy S10e plans

Optus S10e 128GB plans

Optus S10e 128GB leases