The Mi 9T was a really pleasantly surprising package when we took a look over the last couple of weeks. Out of the box it has Android 9.0 and as part of the review, we asked for a timeline on the arrival of 10.

The team responded quickly, confirming that the Mi 9T will get the update to Android 10 starting in October. This is a solid start to showing commitment to the future.

Looking further into the future, we’ve followed up with a request for a list of devices and update timelines. This will help Xiaomi in continuing to develop their marketshare. We’ll share any further information as it becomes available and stay on top of Xiaomi and their push into the Aussie market.

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Xiaomi are pumping out too many devices and cant keep up with updates. The Mi9 that was their flagship has only gotten 2 updates and now been forgotten, the Mi9t will be forgotten by the end of the year. Unless you are gonna flash custom roms dont bother with Xiaomi if you want updates


What the fuck you are talking about? I have an old redmi 5 and still getting updates.

Jamie S

Great news. Maybe Samsung could take a leaf out of Xiaomi’s book.

Sujay Vilash

Faster than OPPO. That is a good start.