Samsung customers with a Galaxy S10 will now be able to join the One UI beta program and try out Android 10 ahead of a wider release.

What’s new? Well, One UI based on Android 10 is designed to simplify and streamline interactions, bringing a more unified UI to Samsung’s phones, tablets and more.

Some of the key features include a clean, more minimal user interface where notifications can pop into what you’re doing while taking less space, so you get what you need without disrupting you when you don’t. Another new feature is the dark mode coming to other areas of the OS, including the lock screen. A parallel function called smart lock brings smart text colours to the lock screen, so white text won’t be displayed on a light background making it hard to read.

Samsung’s focus Mode will allow users to pause apps temporarily when they need to minimise distractions and focus on getting the job done. There’s also the Device Care menu which will help users to manage their storage space, installed apps and other things which can slow their smartphones down.

To participate in the One UI beta for Samsung Galaxy S10, users need to create a Samsung Account (which can be done online at Once done, download the “Samsung Members” application from the Galaxy Apps tool or via the Google Play Store.

Samsung Members
Samsung Members
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I have an S10+ and its not showing up for me either. From other sites it looks like its not available in Australia yet. I wish AUSdroid would check these things before posting updates from global sites verbatim.

Emil Sunil

I can’t seem to find that link on my Australian S10 can anyone tell me if they have found a way to get oneui 2.0 on their phones.



Not seeing the option to sign up to the beta in Samsung Members unfortunately. Unless it’s just me (which it could be!), looks like Australia has been excluded again from beta testing 🙁


Can you verify that Aussies can sign up for this beta? I thought it was only limited to Korea, UK and USA?


So I have a S10+ but can’t see any option for being in a beta – how do you actually sign up?