In a bid to speed up connection times for new NBN customers in metro areas, NBN Co will re-commence self-install as an option for NBN over HFC customers soon.

In a similar manner to FTTC customers who can – in many cases – self install their own connection devices within their premises, NBN Co will allow customers with existing HFC connections to their properties (e.g. from a Foxtel or Bigpond Cable connection) to self-install their own network hardware to get onto the NBN.

This will have a dual benefit – customers will be able to get online sooner, without needing a technician to attend, and both NBN Co and service providers will save money in getting these customers online.

Given the NBN’s focus is now on metropolitan areas – where many connections will be over HFC – the move makes good sense for NBN Co, and will be welcomed by customers too. Given the relative ease with which an NBN HFC connection can be enabled – simply plug in connection device and go – the need for a technician visit will soon be a thing of the past.

As we found when we hooked up Aussie Broadband – with self-install FTTC – we were able to get online almost immediately. The FTTC Connection Device (not dissimilar to the HFC connection device) comes in the mail, you plug it in, and off you go.

For those edge cases where self-installation either isn’t possible – or fails for some reason – customers will still be able to arrange a technician visit when required.