Thankfully, the Made by Google Event is just hours away now. The leaks this year seem to have been more plentiful and detailed than ever before, and we suspect there won’t be any surprises left by the time it rolls around. With only hours remaining, we’re seeing new details about the Nest Mini, successor to the two-year-old Google Home Mini, rumoured to launch tonight.

WinFuture has all the details you could possibly want on the Nest Mini. Honestly, it looks very familiar.

Wall Mountable

One notable addition sure to be welcomed by many is the hole on the rear of the device. This will help users who want to wall mount their assistant device.

Thankfully it looks like Google will also include a longer cable (1.5 metres) to make this easy. Techniques for disguising the cable tastefully will probably spawn a few new Subreddits.

Recycled Materials

In a welcome change, it appears that the device itself is made largely from recycled materials:

In the design of the top and the housing itself, the US Group relies on the use of recycled materials, because the cover on the top is made entirely of plastic, which is obtained from shredded plastic bottles. The lower part of the housing is made of at least 35 percent recycled plastic. In the future, customers will be able to choose between anthracite, rock candy (light gray), coral and sky blue.


The other notable points in the update is the Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity and 802.11 b/g/n/ac Wi-Fi.

As you can see from the images, the presentation of the device is very similar to the Google Home Mini. An evolution of a successful device vs revolution to roll the dice on something brand new and unknown perhaps?

We’re hours (okay, quite a few hours) away from Google’s launch event and you can be sure to see details here as they come to light.

Source: WinFutre.
Via: 9 to 5 Google.
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Gary Bath

Let’s hope the buttons aren’t faulty this time. The disabling of the centre touch was a pain on the original. Looking forward to a hopefully a Nest Max 2 and hoping it can be added to Google Home Max to create a stereo pair. I’m loving my Max, so much better than Sonos One rubbish!