If you’re one of the few who spends big on smartphones and pre-ordered the new, foldable Moto Razr then unfortunately we have some bad news to share with you.

The new foldable, which was to start arriving from today, has been delayed due to the impact of the Covid-19 Coronavirus in China (and beyond).

This means that customers will likely be waiting until mid to late March 2020 to get their hands on the new Moto Razr, and that’s a shame, as the hype around this device has been big – we suspect some customers will be put off by the delay.

Unfortunately, though, like many things the delay has been inevitable due to the significant impact of the health emergency caused by Covid-19 Coronavirus in China, and in particular the Hubei region where some of Motorola’s factories are located.

The company issued the following statement earlier this afternoon:

The situation in China is inevitably impacting the launch and availability of the motorola razr. Most of our factories in China have reopened and are operational, albeit on a limited basis due to health, public transportation and travel limitations.

The remaining factories located in the Hubei region, will open in line with the policies of the respective regional government. We are leveraging the full strength of our global manufacturing and distribution networks and anticipate the razr will be on shelf in Australia by mid to end of March 2020.

Did you pre-order a Razr? Let us know in the comments!

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More than happy to wait and totally understand why it’s been delayed.

Would be great if the world’s leading brands start manufacturing in other countries other than China… Say Japan maybe ??