It’s getting to the time of year where the Samsung sieve begins to dribble information about the next Note phone. Right on schedule, we get a bit of information about the potential battery life offering of the Note 20 and it’s not brilliant.

The team over at Galaxy Club have information that suggests the battery may only be 4,500mAh. That’s only a minor increase over the 4,300mAh that we saw in last years Note 10+, a device that suffered a few issues in terms of battery life.

In our review, Alex said

battery life has always been an issue for Samsung devices given what powerhouses they are, and unfortunately, the Note 10+ isn’t much different – I would normally have to charge the Note 10+ during the day. If I didn’t use it heavily, I would have had about 10-20% by about 4-5pm.

There is an increasing number of optimisations that the manufacturers can lean on to improve battery life but, given the history, this may not bode well at all. The reality is that with more features, connectivity and options — like the S Pen — that manufacturers must compromise somewhere. Personally I’d compromise with a slightly deeper phone for a notable increase in battery life.

What specs would you compromise on your phone and to what end?

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Tom Sekulic

Samsung could learn a few tricks from Oppo A52 – 5000mAh + 18W charging + 2XSIM AND SD card slot too many other great specs on a $AU300 phone! (just bought it from JB HI-FI).

Ausdroid, you should review Oppo A52!


I agree totally . Personally , i would embrace a thicker phone with open arms , id say nine out of ten devices on the market today all follow the similar trends with makers always striving for stupidly narrow and stupidly thin devices that are so hard to hang on too , they are like hanging on to a smooth slimy bar of soap unless you have really girly hands . This business of making phones in the form factor of a thin tv remote sucks ... imo , (did i mention typing on a narrow device with curved edges… Read more »


Give me a Note variant with the size and bulk of the Note with an Otterbox Defender case on it, but with all the bump and grind protection built in and a massive (think 10,000mAh) battery capacity.


I agree, I’d gladly compromise with a deeper phone for an increase in battery life. If the Note 20 went back to the depth of the Note 9, I estimate that they could get a 5000mAh battery in there. I’d gladly trade a bigger battery for all the fast charging tech.
Also hoping they don’t compromise on the camera, I know we’ll never get a great improvement over the S series phones, but I only really need improved zoom and better sunset shots over my current Note 9.