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Sunday, July 5, 2020
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Samsung accidentally leaks the Galaxy Note 20 itself, on their own website

It's not the first time someone at Samsung's IT department has accidentally pulled the trigger on an upcoming device and we hope that today's accidental trigger pull won't be the last. Overnight the...

Samsung has solved the camera focusing issues in time for the Galaxy Note 20...

The rear camera module on the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra looks extremely impressive -- it's huge and appears to have every possible spec required for a high end camera module. Unfortunately it suffers...

Samsung Galaxy Note 20+ rumoured to arrive with 50x zoom

This year Samsung introduced the Ultra version of their flagships -- the flagship where they put all the specs in. Nothing was spared. In a few months time the Galaxy Note series...

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 renders give us our first look at the device

A relative newcomer to the leaks game is Pigtou and thanks to their information we're getting our first look at the Galaxy Note 20. It's worth noting that these renders are based on...

Rumour: Samsung Galaxy Note 20 battery is barely larger than the Note 10

It's getting to the time of year where the Samsung sieve begins to dribble information about the next Note phone. Right on schedule, we get a bit of information about the potential battery...

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