A relative newcomer to the leaks game is Pigtou and thanks to their information we’re getting our first look at the Galaxy Note 20. It’s worth noting that these renders are based on leaked CAD drawings and are not official renders from Samsung.

The renders don’t really tell us a lot that we weren’t expecting based on the history of the Note device range. The range hasn’t deviated from a set “look” for a number of years and these renders are true to form. One point of note for this render — again, not official Samsung renders — is that the S Pen storage has moved from the right to the left of the device (for what that is actually worth).

The information from Pigtou suggests that we’ll see two sizes in the Note 20 range, a Note 20 and a Note 20 Plus. Time will give us the truth, but as a new name to the leak game, I’m not banking on this one just yet.

What features and specs do you want to see from the Note 20 when it officially drops?

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Left side for the S Pen makes some sense with how far camera modules are extending down the back. Add in their associated electronics, and would there be room on the right for the S Pen storage?


Hi Phil, I’d also like to see a flat display, bigger battery and full camera features from the S20 ultra including the 100x (10x) zoom. It would then be the ultimate device to me.


A flat display would be nice Phil πŸ™‚ ( have 3 of the curved edge buggers really do not need any more πŸ™ ). A headphone jack ? yeah i know ….. flogging a dead horse πŸ™‚ , fix the performance parity between snapdragon and exynos variants maybe ? i`m pretty happy with galaxy cameras overall , , just fix any bugs and refine them a tad where they can be refined from last year(do not need anything over the top ) , and i be a happy man . Maybe give us a greater period of software updates 3… Read more Β»