This year Samsung introduced the Ultra version of their flagships — the flagship where they put all the specs in. Nothing was spared. In a few months time the Galaxy Note series is expected to arrive with an Ultra version but according to leaks today that does not mean that the Note 20+ version will be lacking.

Leaker Ice Universe has tweeted that the Samsung Galaxy Note 20+ will arrive with a 108MP main lens, just as the S20 Ultra did and a periscope lens capable of 50x. No longer are they shooting for their “Space Zoom” of 100x but a more realistic (?) 50x.

As you can see above there will also apparently be a 12MP ultrawide angle lens. The front facing camera is unknown at this stage but a standard single lens is expected.

Other rumours overnight point the the Note series also including an Ultra device. XDA spotted this listing on the Bluetooth SIG site with the Ultra having a model name SM-N986U, pointing towards it being a “Ultra” device. It is possible that the leak above of the camera details could in fact be referring to the Ultra version but of course all that is unknown at this stage.

The Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, if the above is true, is expected to arrive with a 6.9-inch WQHD AMOLED display with support for 120Hz — we wonder if they will limit the display resolution still when running at 120Hz with some rumours pointing to no limitations at all.

Once again Samsung are going to make a flagship device with everything you could ask for in it. Let’s hope they don’t outsmart themselves with the hardware this time and their software can keep up. The Galaxy S20 Ultra takes some amazing pictures albeit only from distances further than ~30cm away.

IF you are someone who likes the get the best hardware possible then this could be the device for you with the S Pen no doubtedly upgraded as well. Keep an eye out for more rumours in the coming months as it gets closer to its official launch.

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So as it wasn’t mentioned either way an optical seems impossible that must be a wholly or mainly digital zoom. That’s what Paint.Net is for.