While most mobile plans come with a sizable amount of included data these days, not every plan does. While some mobile customers have unlimited data plans, a greater number have limited data, and when they need extras, it can be punishingly expensive.

Optus has announced a new way to get around this hurdle this week, with a $5 pass that gives unlimited data for 24 hours. Called the “Unlimited Data Day Add-on”, customers will be able to consume as much data as their mobile network will allow for a 24 hour period.

Optus’ Managing Director of Marketing and Revenue Matt Williams said:

“We know our customers want great value and for the price they would typically pay for their morning coffee- our new Unlimited Data Day opens up infinite possibilities.

Our offer calls on all lovers of data, giving them 24 hours of data to do as much of the things they love as they can. This may involve bingeing Netflix on high definition for 24 hours, which would normally go through 72GB of data.”

Customers on selected postpaid and pre-paid $30+ recharge mobile plans can take advantage, and – perhaps unsurprisingly – the unlimited data is only available for use in Australia. Customers can purchase the packs through the My Optus App and, upon purchase, the unlimited data will be active for the following 24 hours.

Depending on how many times you plan to use such a pack each month, it may simply be a better idea to upgrade to a better plan, but for ad-hoc usage without any contractual increase, this is a great option.