Having just turned ten late last year, amaysim is now looking to tempt would-be customers with a great low cost deal. Unlike the carriers, amaysim is an MVNO using the Optus network, and like most MVNOs, there’s often better value there for customers than with the big three.

From today, customers can take up the Short Expiry plan which comes with 10GB for $10 over 7 days. You also get unlimited talk and text within Australia, and to 42 international countries.

With access to Optus’ 4G Plus network, amaysim customers should have good coverage in most places, but as always, your mileage may vary – there are plenty of places around Sydney where Optus’ coverage isn’t great .. but that’s true for all telcos in some places!

The new $10 plan from amaysim is aimed at the budget conscious, allowing people to manage their budgets on a weekly basis instead of having to foot up for a month or more in advance. For those who balance a weekly pay, it can make managing those dollars all the easier.

For an average month, amaysim’s new plan will cost around $43.50 with 40GB (or so) of data included. Looked at through that lens, though, amaysim’s offer isn’t exactly groundbreaking:

  • TPG offers 40GB data for $29.99 a month, a good $13 cheaper
  • amaysim itself offers 30GB over 28 days for $30, which comes with a bonus 20GB (making 50GB total) for the first three months, which might be a better deal
  • ALDI mobile offers 40GB a month (with rollover if you don’t use it all) for $35 per 30 day recharge (plus it uses Telstra’s network)
  • If you want unlimited data, felix offers that for $35 a month (limited to 20mbps speed) which is a fantastic deal

Where amaysim’s deal really gets attention is the weekly commitment; for those who prefer to pay for things weekly to align with a weekly pay, this will be a big boost but – unsurprisingly – there’s probably better value on a monthly / 28 day offering if you can juggle the figures to make it work.

Regardless, amaysim pitches itself as the least complained about telco in Australia, and that matters; check them out for a great deal.