In an impressive turn around time, OPPO has pushed out another OS update to the Find X2 Pro. This time, amongst some other tweaks to performance and stability the update also resolves some catastrophic issues with Android Auto.

The discussions around the broken update were, at times, quite heated on various social media sites with no direct indication of where the fault may be. An Android community post highlighted specific issues with the OPPO implementation, now resolved.

As a regular user of Android Auto, I didn’t actually realise how much I’ve come to rely on the feature until it wasn’t there. My music, podcasts, audiobooks and communication capacity while on the move we’re just gone. So I’m thrilled, as are the many OPPO users to have the full function of their devices back.

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Phill Edwards

I hope this filters down to the Realme 7 5G because my new one won’t work with Android Auto which is very annoying.