There can’t be too much doubt now that foldable phones aren’t just a niche, they’re here. Manufacturers can accept that fact or run the risk of fading into obscurity. If the leaked images are anything to go by, then Xiaomi may well be getting set to release a folding phone. The prototype images which were originally leaked on Weibo were captured and reshared on Twitter.

But it’s not just those that have appeared online, there are images that are said to be a working prototype in the wild. The images aren’t particularly clear and the dimensions don’t seem to be what you’d expect, perhaps a touch too large. The bigger question to me is how the phone — presumably a “secret” prototype — was captured from multiple angles, in a public area, with system information conveniently on show.

That all just seems too convenient and ties into the rumours that leaks are controlled by manufacturers and that it’s part of their marketing strategy to build hype around devices. Regardless of whether it is staged, or a genuine leak this actually looks like a very useful sized device let’s hope it comes to Australia.