The rumours just won’t abate around the potential of LG leaving the mobile market. There were suggestions dating back as far as 2018, with the suggestion this year that they may be reducing their mobile investment. According to Korean site DongA, we’re seeing a further suggestion that sale talks for the mobile division have failed, few options remain.

With an insignificant portion of the mobile market (roughly 1%), it seems the options are being explored with multiple projects being put on hold.

LG’s internal and external opinion is that it is unlikely that the ‘LG Rollable’, which has attracted the most attention, will also appear in the market. LG Electronics explains that “the development of LG Rollable is in progress in terms of R&D,” but it is unlikely that it will actually take the stage of commercialization.

There are multiple options still being explored, but it seems the only potentially viable option — with previously failed negotiations failing — is to shut down their mobile division. How this will look, or even if it’s true is unknown right now, but we’ll be keeping our ears to the ground for more news.

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