One of the interesting new aspects of the new OPPO Find X3 Pro is the never seen before 3 megapixel Microlens (microscope lens). I have the phone on loan for a few days so tested out this intriguing feature.

If you’re a keen photographer FYI the lens has a f/3.0 aperture which isn’t bad for letting light in but needs the boost of it’s built-in ring LED lights around the lens.

Focus is fixed and the depth of field where the image will be sharp is very shallow so you have to hold the phone very very still and your subject has to be very very still to be able to take a clear photo.

To use the lens open the Camera app, choose More and then Microscope.

Due to these technical restrictions things with sharp curves eg a lady bug (photo 2) can’t be taken in sharp focus for the whole shell.

The lens is best suited to taking photos of flat objects or those that can easily be flattened eg: a leaf (photo 1), tissue (photo 3), an old brick (photo 7) and the surface of a flower petal (photo 8).

Fabrics are a good subject eg: my red jumper (photo 5) and the cover of my Amazon Echo Studio speaker (photo 6).

Some small things can have creative photos taken of them with experimentation eg: the tip of a dead fern (photo 4) and a Grevillea about to flower (photo 9).

Personally I think it’s an interesting experiment but apart from a few keen macro photographers most people won’t use the Microlens because they won’t have the patience to work around the technical restrictions of the shallow depth of field and fixed focus.

What do you think of the OPPO Find X3 Pro 5G’s new Microlens? Please let us know in the comments.

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Daniel Narbett

Photo 9 – you totally found a coronavirus flower! Topical 😉

Neerav Bhatt

You’re right it does look similar. I didn’t notice