There are very few secrets in the tech world any more thanks to the prevalence of, well… technology. It’s far too easy to snap a picture, send it on and no one knows that’s happened. In this case, the Pixel 6 is out there through Front Page Tech’s Jon Prosser.

An interesting point of note is that — if the leak is accurate — the naming convention has changed to now be the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro. This is a step away from the “XL” branding for the larger device that Google has used for multiple generations of devices.

The video linked (below) outlines the detail they have at this time, through some high resolution images:

  • The selfie camera has been centered
  • Very narrow bezels
  • No visible fingerprint sensor – suggesting in-display option
  • A new camera setup in a horizontal array: Two lenses on the Pixel 6 and 3 on the larger device

Whether you choose to take these recreated renders as a true indication of what we may see, or with a grain of salt is up to you. Personally, I like the look of the Pixel 6 including colours and may well look at grabbing one on release.

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so Project Soli is officially scrapped?

Chris Hastings

Eeek! It feels like they took a wrong turn somewhere with Pixel’s design and it’s progressively gotten worse over time. I thought the original Pixel and the Pixel 3 were the best lookers.


I actually really like the design. The big camera module looks much thicker than previous Pixel phones – new sensors this year?

Craig LH

I am really liking that new look, if its real.
I have always liked a horizontal camera array.

I am looking at possibly moving back to Android, after a few years with Apple.
This would maybe sway me away from Samsung, which is what I have been considering.

Andrew Priest

Good to see that there appears to be an ‘XL’ model coming out.


XL is expected this year. This design seems fake. Remember the Pixel 5 renders last time that also turned out to be fake?