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It’s really easy when you’re on a winning formula to stick with what you’ve got. Instead of leading the revolution, sitting back and simply evolving with the pack. Huawei — despite their issues over the last couple of years — continue to push the boundaries on their P series of phones and the P50 looks to continue that.

The renders, claimed to be legitimate, by RODENT950 on Twitter shows what is a unique new take on the camera array. A quick look shows a three-sensor array in the top setup and the bottom having a single sensor and flash. There also appears to be a second LED outside the dual-camera bumps. What the exact reasoning for this is, is not clear at the moment.

The interest in the P50 devices goes much deeper though as it’s expected to be their first top shelf device shipped with Harmony OS. This is a big step for Huawei and with the leaks increasing, it’s surely not too long until we see an official launch.