We see a lot of leaks these days, it’s just too easy to get pictures and data into, or out of businesses. But when a company — seemingly — leaks their own hardware that’s a little different. Now, it isn’t news that the Pixel 6 range is coming, nor is it news that there are at least two devices.

This leak comes to us via XDA Developers who spotted the name, Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 XL on documentation. The tool in question is for the optimisation of games within Android 12.

Developers are encouraged to reach out to OEMs with their proposed Game Mode intervention values, and that includes Google themselves. Google has opened up a form for Game Mode intervention requests for Pixel devices, and one of the questions asks developers which devices the WindowManager backbuffer resize intervention settings should be applied to. As an example, Google lists the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 XL, two devices that haven’t been released yet.

Since this was spotted, the form was quickly changed to remove direct references to any specific devices. Now offering developers the opportunity to name devices manually. We’re getting very close to the launch of the new Pixel devices, so we’ll almost certainly see and hear more soon.

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I notice that all the existing Pixel phones have disappeared from the JB Hi Fi website. Was this reported here and I missed it? Has JB stopped selling Pixel devices?

Jamie S

You are certainly correct. Pixel 5a incoming perhaps? Maybe poor sales or lack of stock perhaps