Evan Blass is a source that many rely upon for leaks and he’s done again. This time, obtaining images of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy 21 FE that leave nothing to the imagination.

The renders of the device — in honesty — doesn’t offer any surprises in its appearance. The shape, button placement, centred hole-punch camera and rear camera set are consistent with previous leaks and renders. It’s a very cool way to present a leak. In the tweet, you can view the upcoming device in a 3D model that can be manipulated by users. You can zoom in and position the device to any angle you wish to inspect closer.

The release date for the S21 FE isn’t clear right now with the shortage of semi-conductors affecting supply to Samsung. When it does release, this may also affect the market’s it’s released to. Given the popularity of the FE last year, hopefully, that doesn’t impact Australia.

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Joshua Hill

Big Aussie Telco has one day sale on Galaxy S21, $624 128gb and $672 for 256gb version.
Not sure specs and pricing on Fan edition, is it noisier to run cooler lol, but guarantee the OG S21’s at these prices are a better buy