Oh, it’s getting so close, the sounds of Pixel season. Traditionally, we’ve had a bit more official information at this point but Google remains tight-lipped. The fact that they have now started advertising the devices on YouTube as “coming Spring 2021” for Australia means we’re edging ever closer.

Coupled with the fact that (in the USA) billboards are going up and the Google store (Via Reddit user: ThisGuyRightHer3) in Chelsea having devices on display clearly Google are close to pulling the trigger.

None of the new images shows anything we haven’t already seen or known about. The devices are definitely coming to Australia as part of the initial rollout. We’re excited to see how Google’s Tensor chip performs in the reals world, as well as checking if the all day battery life actually lasts all day. As soon as we know more about the actual release date and time, we’ll update the site.

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My next phone right there. Had a Pixel 2 XL and loved it, time to go back after a few years with Huawei


Are you prepared to drop $2000 say on it? Assuming that’s the 6 Pro. It will be priced like iPhone 13 I reckon!


To get my hands on a Google phone that’s finally looking like it’s going all out to be a proper flagship? Hell yea I am

Paul Warner

Unfortunately if you live in Kiwiland you’re out of luck getting a Pixel.

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