As part of the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro reviews we recently published, we noted the issues with speed and consistency of the fingerprint sensor.

Unfortunately, the woes have continued with many users reporting the same issues, at times, significantly worse. With reddit users reporting the sensor outright breaking — not showing on the screen or working at all — if you allow your battery to go flat, more issues emerge. Now we’re looking at an escalated issue now officially in the Google bug tracker.

While multiple troubleshooting options have been suggested including:

  • Factory Reset
  • Safe Mode
  • Clearing Cache on Pixel Launcher, Settings and Settings Services.
  • Changing Animator Scale in Developer Options

As the bug appears to be software-based, we presume at this time that it can be resolved with a software update. Exactly when that will come is unclear at the moment so, until then, just don’t let your Pixel 6 device battery go flat…

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Returned my Pixel 6 yesterday due to this –


It wouldn’t be a pixel launch without highly publicised issues! Moral of the story, wait until the new year before you buy a pixel, as there would have been at least one feature drop.

One other thing… Your website seems to be broken. I can only access new content via Twitter, and the comments don’t appear with each article.


I’ve only had a problem with it in direct sunlight. Otherwise it works fine.