If you’ve got a Pixel 6 and have not experienced at least some occasional Wi-Fi woes then you’re among the lucky few. The symptoms range from not connecting to known Wi-Fi, recognising them as poor quality or connection with no data flow.

According to a Reddit post from Pixel Community (an official Google account) a fix is near now they’ve identified the issues:

Thanks so much for reporting this issue, we’re sorry that you’re experiencing it. After some investigation, we identified the root cause and determined that it impacts a very small number of devices. Of course, we realize this is a poor experience and immediately developed a software fix that will be available in the next Google Pixel Update, rolling out in March.

Having had a few of the issues with Wi-Fi myself, the best solution in the short term is to disconnect Wi-Fi for a short period. Of course, this uses your mobile data but most plans have plenty to spare these days. After 10 to 15 minutes, you can reconnect the Wi-Fi and use it as normal.

While users would have liked a faster resolution, it’s a good sign that Google has a fix coming.