Mobile carriers offer connectivity to us in a variety of ways; voice, messaging and data. If you’re an intermittent or regular traveller overseas, though, access to global roaming is necessary. MNVOs often don’t have this due to their contracts with the parent carrier.

Like it or not, Boost Mobile’s founder, Peter Adderton, is pretty public about his viewpoints on social media. He’s more than happy to rock the boat wherever, whenever he feels the need. Following a comment on a recent post of ours, and, a brief exchange on Twitter with one of our readers has commented about global roaming. The upshot is it’s coming and soon…

That’s great news for anyone already on the Boost network, as well as those wanting to switch without losing access to overseas connectivity. It will be a big step for Boost to stretch its advantage over other networks further. Providing you don’t need global roaming, I don’t hesitate to recommend Boost — To clarify, this is based on personal experience: NOT sponsorship — to friends and family and now “very, very soon” there won’t be any barrier to that recommendation.

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Can we have a post to explain what is global roaming feature please