Do you have an old mobile laying around your house that you haven’t yet taken to e-waste or given away? The fact is you’re not alone there, in fact, you’re part of the 78% majority of the population. Well, there’s a pathway that your unwanted devices can fill your wallet instead of your drawer from your couch.

Boost Mobile General Manager Jason Haynes said:

For our customers, the new Boost Mobile Trade-In App means both more cash and less waste. Simply put, one of the best ways to recycle is to reuse, and we are excited that our customers can now quickly and easily get money back out of their old devices while also doing the right thing by the environment.

Boost Mobile has a new app that assesses your device, and based on the information gathered, makes you a trade-in offer.

Boost Mobile Trade-in
Boost Mobile Trade-in
Developer: Alegre Pty Ltd
Price: To be announced

What the app does is performs device testing to ensure it is functional and has resale value by:

  • Testing the screen accuracy – simply touching targets on the screen
  • A multipoint touchscreen test to ensure the screen is fully functional
  • A pixel test – Touching dead pixels on an orange screen
  • A button check ensuring all buttons work
  • A microphone check to ensure the sound works
  • A battery Drain Test where the torch turns on and the phone vibrates for 30 seconds to see how battery drains

Haynes further noted that:

Refurbished and re-used technology is not a new concept to Boost Mobile, we were the first major prepaid supplier to offer refurbished smartphones for sale in July 2019. We’ve been looking at delivering a way to buy phones from customers for some time now and we are very excited to be once again leading the way in encouraging more Australians to have their phones re-used as they upgrade, while also unlocking some much-needed cash.

Based on the information provided by Boost Mobile: Devices in good working order can fetch in the order of $920 for an iPhone 13 Pro 512GB, to $510 for an S21 Ultra 5G, right down to $50 for a Galaxy S8. It seems fair to say that if you’re looking for top dollar for your last-generation devices, you’ll get better money by going to Facebook Marketplace or other similar sites. But if you’re looking for a quick, easy and convenient way to move your old devices then this is the best one I’ve seen to date.