With Google’s Pixel 7 launch now a couple of months behind us, it’s not surprising that people would be keen to understand what the next mid-range phone from Google will look like. After 2021’s Pixel 6 and subsequent Pixel 6a, we’re now awaiting the Pixel 7a and thanks to a couple of leaked videos doing the rounds, now we’ve got a bit more information about what’s coming.

We had a few early looks at the Pixel 7a a few months ago thanks to some leaked renders which show a design strikingly similar to the Pixel 7 from which it takes its lead:

From the renders (and the details accompanying them), we know the Pixel 7a will be 152.4 x 72.9 x 9.0mm (which doesn’t include the camera bump), being nearly identical to the Pixel 6a before it. Besides the Pixel 6a-ish dimensions, the Pixel 7a otherwise looks exactly like a Pixel 7 with the same design language flowing onto the mid-range handset.

Today, though, we have some further information and a much better look at what the phone itself will actually look like, with Twitter user @chunvn8888 sharing images and a video showing what appears to be an actual Pixel 7a in hand:


The videos show a handset which self-identifies as a Pixel 7a, which looks exactly like the leaked renders of the Pixel 7a, and also sports a 90Hz screen refresh rate, something we were missing in the Pixel 6a. Sure, a 60Hz screen refresh rate isn’t a bad thing, but with the competition moving to higher refresh rates, it only makes sense that Google’s budget handset should strive for the same.

There should be other improvements to the Pixel 7a too, including an upgraded camera module, the inclusion of wireless charging which the Pixel 6a lacked, and .. perhaps unfortunately .. a slightly more inflated price-tag to account for some changes in the underlying hardware and likely supply chain costs.

We expect to hear more in a couple of months when Google I/O takes place.


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    90MHz is not 90Hz – mega!