Some Samsung Galaxy users have reported via social media that the latest update to their device has bricked their phone. Some users are reporting their phone being stuck on the Samsung logo when trying to reboot their phone.

The issue is affecting various models according to 7News, with some users calling Samsung directly and waiting for more than an hour in line for tech support. Sadly they were informed their only option is hand the phone to Samsung to complete a full factory reset. This will lose any contacts, pictures, video or other data that hasn’t been backed up prior to downloading the update sending them into the big black hole of lost data.

Some users have even been reporting this issue as ongoing for just over a week. 7News stated that it had reached out to Samsung for comment, with the company stating ‘it is aware of the issue and is working on a solution.’

Of course, the timing couldn’t have been worse, with the company expected to announce its latest Galaxy S23 editions early next month.

We suggest anyone prompted to update their Galaxy device ensures all data is backed up first. Whether it’s with Google, Samsung, Microsoft or any other cloud service, it’s probably also worth waiting to install the update until a notification that the issue with the update has been resolved.

We are also reaching out to Samsung for further comment and potential ETA regarding a fix and will publish as soon as we know more.

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Daniel Narbett

Fwiw I updated my S20 ultra without issue a few days ago