It’s time, we’re past the leaks — which again were pretty accurate — and now have the official information on the brand new Samsung Galaxy Fold 5 and Flip 5 devices. The designs continue to be distinctly Samsung with some evolution on the look and feel from the previous generation.

TM Roh, President and Head of Mobile eXperience Business at Samsung Electronics said of the devices:

Every day, more people choose our foldables because they offer an experience people want that they can’t get on any other device. Galaxy Z Flip5 and Galaxy Z Fold5 are the latest devices that prove our commitment to meeting the needs of our customers through innovative technology.

There are a number of shared technologies between the two mobile devices including the additional “shock dispersion layer” and redesigned back which are said to provide a more solid display. When coupled with the Corning Gorilla Glass Victus and Amror Aluminium frames, both of the new generation devices should be well up to the daily grind.

Samsung Galaxy Fold 5

This is a really impressive piece of kit with a lot of high end specs on offer. Starting with the screens, since that’s what most people are buying it for: The cover screen is a 6.2-inch HD+ screen offering 2316 x 904 resolution at 402PPI and a dynamic (48Hz – 120Hz) refresh rate. The inner screen is a 7.6-inch QXGA+ screen that also has a dynamic (1 – 120Hz) refresh rate.

Understandably, being a foldable device with the physical screen sizes discussed, this isn’t a light device. The Fold 5 weighs in at 253 grams, and folded measures 67.1 x 154.9 x 13.4mm.

The cameras are a very solid offering too:

  • 10MP Selfie Camera with F2.2 aperture
  • 4MP Under Display Camera with F1.8 aperture
  • 12MP Ultra Wide Cameram with F2.2 aperture
  • 50MP Wide-angle Camera with F1.8 aperture
  • 10MP Telephoto Camera with F2.4 aperture and 3 x optical zoom

All of this is driven by Android 13 on a Snapdragon 8 Gen 2, 12GB of Memory and 256GB, 512GB or 1TB storage options. Perhaps mildly concerning is the battery capacity at 4,400mAh; but with optimisation that has potential to see even heavy users through a full day of use. If you’re caught short, you can restore up to 50% battery in 30 minutes utilising a 25W charger.

The phone is IPX8 rated, so it will survive a splash, spilled drink or inadvertent dunk in water.

Now, the bad news… It’s a beast of a phone, available in Phantom Black, Cream or Icy Blue with amazing specs but you’ll pay for that privilege:

  • 256GB Storage version will cost you $2,599.00
  • 512Gb Storage version will cost you $2,799.00
  • 1TB Storage version will cost you $3,149.00

Samsung Galaxy Flip 5

Let’s flip the switch now, sorry… I won’t do that again!

The Galaxy Flip 5 is the next evolution of the hugely popular Flip devices. Now offeirng a larger, 3.4-inch 720 x 248 resolution cover screen and a 6.7-inch FHD+ 2640 x 1080 resolution main screen running dynamic (1 – 120Hz) refresh rate. When folded the Flip 5 measures in at 71.9 x 85.1 x 15.1mm and 71.9 x 165.1 x 6.9mm unfolded with the weight a reasonable 187g.

With less space comes a bit less camera than the Fold, however there’s still plenty here for the happy snappers and much of the same technology:

  • 10MP Selfie Camera with F2.2 aperture
  • 12MP Ultra Wide Camera with F2.2 aperture
  • 50MP Wide-angle Camera with F1.8 aperture

The technology driving the Flip 5 includes a Snapdragon 8 Gen 2, 3,700mAh battery, 8GB of memory and running on Android 13.

The Z Flip 5 is a far more affordable price at $1,649.00 for the 256GB storage version and $1,849.00 for the 512GB version. Both storage options are available in Mint, Graphite, Cream and Lavender colour skus.

Both devices are 5G capable with Wi-Fi 6e, Bluetooth 5.3 and both NanoSIM and eSIM compatiblity. Garry McGregor, Vice President, Mobile eXperience, Samsung Electronics Australia was clearly very excited by the new devices:

Foldables, and by extension our Galaxy Z Series, are no longer a novelty. Adoption of Foldables continues to grow at pace both in Australia and around the world. Building on the momentum of the previous generation, the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 and Galaxy Z Fold5 provide consumers one-of-a-kind foldable experiences that open a world of new possibilities,

These major releases are still an exciting time of the year, and we’re excited to get some hands on time with these new Samsung devices as soon as possible. Pre-orders start now, with stock arriving in stores — see your preferred carrier or retail store — on August the 18th.