To say the 5G rollout in Australia has been slow is an understatement. Carriers though continue to develop various 5G features in a bid to roll them out to make their 5G networks useful. Optus have today announced that they have performed an end-to-end 5G data call over its 2300MHz spectrum, a world’s first.

The test call was conducted in Sydney in co-operation with Ericsson, a first for any telecommunications operator anywhere in the world. The effect of this is that it offers Optus true dual band network capabilities (2300MHz and 3500MHz) promising more capacity and more coverage.

There is strong industry interest in the use of the 2300MHz band for 5G and as the only telecommunications operator in Australia to currently have access to this band in metro capital cities, it’s great to be leading the way with testing and trialling this for future 5G deployment. With its lower frequency the 2300MHz spectrum band will, in the future, ultimately offer our customers even greater speeds as well as providing greater coverage depth enabling even more customers to benefit from 5G services. Dennis Wong, Optus MD Networks

Optus are actively pushing their 5G development plan forward with the 3500MHz band with more than 300 5G sites around Australia. The 2300MHz band is hoped to be rolled out some time next year, 2020.

Usable 5G for the masses seems to be taking a long time to arrive in Australia. all the promise for not a lot of buck at the moment. Hopefully all these developments can make it into practice and the real world before too long — I’m sick of world’s firsts. I just want 5G.

Source: Optus.
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I see on 5G all day at work, not Optus though, it’s Telstra. Just ran a speedtest and looked at the engineering mode of my Samsung at the same time. There you can see real time throughput stats: (I’m indoors so the speedtest only run to about 100mbps) 5G NR is seeing 94mbps, the LTE part is only showing 14mbps 5G at the moment is mainly reducing the load on the 4G network, which I’m happy to see it being configured that way as it helps everyone get better speeds. This area used to have such poor speeds, you’d never… Read more »