Telstra has today announced that its newest network, its fast 5G network, now reaches more than 80% of the Australian population.

Taking to LinkedIn to make the announcement, Telstra CEO Andy Penn stated:

If you’re with us, get ready to see more of this. As of today, Telstra 5G now reaches 80% of the Australian population (not just capital cities)! And we’re not done yet. As part of our T25 program, we plan to roll out to 95% of the Australian population by 2025.

Turning on more 5G means turning on more for our digital economy, and giving more Aussies the chance to work from anywhere. A big thanks to the team for delivering more 5G in Australia than ever before.

As stated, Telstra under its T25 Program will be looking to have its 5G network cover more than 95% of the Australian population by 2025, with the company stating that it has deployed 5G to more than 4,200 sites within selected areas of more than four hundred major and regional cities.

Certainly, with 5G growing not only with Telstra but the other two major telcos Optus and TPG Telecom through its Vodafone subsidiary, it will be interesting to see how this 5G growth will better connect regional and major cities and also potentially bring more and better products and services to us mere consumers.

For users who’ve got 5G already, what benefit have you seen from the technology?

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I’ve had it for a while… Impressive speed test results, but day to day real world experience is no different in my opinion.


Pity Optus can’t say the same. Cannot wait for my phone contract to expire so I can move to Telstra.


The 5G from all carriers ” optus , TPG/Vodafone , Telstra ” all fake 5G The real 5G is mmwave signal all carriers coverage of mmwave probably 0.0.1 percent of coverage The real 5g is the mmwave signal and speeds of 4 gigabit per second The normal 5G is not that fast I barely see 500 to 300 mbps honestly this is completely misleading now the big question how long it will take for telstra to rollout the real 5G mmwave signal to all 95% of australia probably telstra would go bankrupt and wouldnt be able to do it where… Read more ยป


The last time I looked, there are not many handsets sold in Australia that can handle mmwave. But I do get your point.


only the google pixel 6 pro phone that support mmwave in australia

you will not see many

once the next iphone support the mmwave in australia

android phones will go crazy and all of them add the mmwave straight away

this is how its in australia

when apple add something in the hardware

it will go viral and android will do the same


So 80% of normal 5G sub 6ghz

And zero coverage of mmwave 5G

The mmwave 5G 95% coverage could take 10 years and not done