As the world continues to open up and travel is now becoming more commonplace, several MNVO have launched global roaming. amaysim has joined that group with offers that are well-considered for user needs, offer decent value and have a long expiry.

Starting at $20 and going as high as $70, the global roaming packs offer 365-day expiry, whether it’s for data only or talk, text and data.

  • $20 buys you 100 voice minutes and 100 sms
  • $25 buys you 50 voice minutes, 50 SMS and 1gb of data
  • $50 buys you 5GB of data
  • $70 buys you 100 voice minutes, 100 SMS and 5GB of data

This is a fairly significant step away from postpaid options, where you pay a daily fee to access your normal service while overseas. A simple pack allows you to stay connected while overseas, whether it’s for a few days or a few weeks; you’ll need to be conscious of your data usage. Thankfully, like their local packages, amaysim allows you to stack packages.

Senior Director, Sales & Marketing I CMO Lisa Vitaris said, “We know that now, more than ever, value is a huge driver for our customers, which is why we’ve packed as much value as possible into our International Roaming packs. In the same vein as our Unlimited Data Banking, we don’t want our customers to lose what they don’t use, which is why we’ve extended the expiry to 365 days. This allows customers to use their inclusions over multiple trips. They can also stack their packs and extend their expiry.

It’s just one of the offerings from MNVOs for travellers, but it’s certainly one of the most flexible. As more offerings appear, the market will certainly become more wallet-friendly and competitive.

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Those prices and packs are good, for light data users who travel OS.

For me, for my Samsung tablet, I’d need to stack 3 of the $70 packs for every week I was OS, solely to ensure I had enough data capacity. On top of that, I’d need another of the $70 for my Moto for calls.

Phil, what would be the best option for calls and texts, and medium to heavy data use, for international roaming?