US coffee giant Starbucks has finally launched its rewards program, and has added an Android app alongside the original and now updated iOS app.

The app, simply called Starbucks Rewards, allows you to download it to your mobile and tablet device and sign up through a “digital rewards card”. Customers can top up their rewards card through the app as well as scan the card at the register. Customers can also sign up via email to get updates about what new flavours or store specials all through the Android and iOS app.

Other features of the app include the ability to:

  • View or reload your balance on your Starbucks Cards
  • Track and redeem rewards
  • View the latest promotions
  • Browse through our menu
  • Locate the nearest stores

Although Starbucks coffee isn’t to everyone’s taste, the rewards card and accompanying apps are no doubt welcome, as Starbucks has said their Android app has been coming soon for almost three years now.

Personally, I will be keeping the app handy as I do tend to visit the Starbucks near my office and now I don’t need to carry a flimsy paper/cardboard rewards card. If you would like to check more about the app and its features, you can download it via the Google Play store link below.

Starbucks Australia
Starbucks Australia
Price: To be announced
Source: Starbucks Australia Rewards Page.
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    Darren Ferguson

    I had no idea they were still in Australia. The one in the middle of Hobart closed fairly quickly. I would have thought the cafe culture would have been even bigger in larger cities.

    Is it mainly a convenience thing – they are quicker than other places?


    Nope! Just as slow or slower. I think Starbucks in Australia is a huge failed experiment – they specialise in making sweet flavoured drinks that barely resemble coffee, that’s fine in the US market but we actually know what good coffee is here in Australia (Melbournian here).


    Yeah I was going to say the same but instead of Hobart the same happened in Adelaide. They opened one store in the CBD and it only lasted maybe 3 months a most. I can’t see how they could even hope to survive anywhere here as we have much better coffee places in Australia and I would think about an fully saturated market too.