Instant messaging service Viber has announced overnight a new update which will bring a new User Interface, along with group calls and hidden numbers within communities (aka groups).

In its announcement, the company noted the redesign offers users double the performance when sending messages. The full list of new features include:

  • Simple navigation: Easily roam the app in a lighter and sleeker interface and get exactly what users need, right where they expect to find it
  • Easy access: Users get all private and group chats, Communities, chatbots, and favorite public content in one main chat list
  • Singular calls screen: In the updated “Calls” screen, users can find their most recent calls, access phone book contacts screen and manage their Viber Out subscriptions
  • Hidden Number Chats: Allow users to engage and message with one another without having to exchange phone numbers, allowing for spontaneous and casual interactions with the new people users meet through Communities, yet ensuring they remain safe
  • Viber Group Calls: Allow up to five users to initiate a group voice call by adding people to an existing call or by starting one right from an existing group chat

The two standout new features, hidden number chats and group calls, are two things users have been calling for a long time now.

With group calls, you can have a maximum of 5 people in the call at anyone time. It’s simple to start a group call – just simply add either one or 4 more individuals or launch one from within a group chat.

The group chat is limited to audio, but the company has stated that it is working on an update to enable video and audio within this feature in future, but no timeframe was given.

The other standout feature, hidden number chats, gives users the ability to talk with each other while keeping their details private.

You can also watch a video from Viber below, explaining the new features and updates:

Rakuten Viber Messenger
Rakuten Viber Messenger
Source: Viber Blog - Viber 10 Update.
Via: Android Police.